3D FD Project.

1) Aim : To produce an accurate 3D drawing of the FD RX7 for the purpose of Chassis and Aero Simulation.

2) 'Project contributors':
To be a 'Project Contributor' send in a drawing that is more accurate than a part that has been submitted before or is of a part not yet submitted.
'Project Contributors' will receive a copy of all the drawings submitted up to their drawing submit date (provided the drawing does not belong to someone else).

4) 'Ownership'.
All submitted drawings, (excluding drawings referred to in (5) ) will be combined and become the property of the 'Project Contributors'
All drawings must be given free of charge, with clear title and the rights to use the drawing extended to the other 'Project Contributors'

5) Copyright. It would be impossible to authenticate every drawing so if a potential 'Project Contributor' submits a drawing they did not create themselves (or a drawing the actual creator or copyright holder has not authorized to be submitted to this site) the drawing will be removed from this site and database and deleted. Anyone that has received a copy or receives a copy of such a drawing should delete the drawing and any copies of it as soon as possible. Who ever submits such a drawing will be excluded from the project

I will keep a list of drawings here on this site and a picture of each part that has been submitted.
I will use the Mazda part number where possible.

To become a Contributor email Glen at
3DFD at x7 net nz

Parts required to be able to produce a Chassis Simulation.
Front top suspension arm

Front Bottom suspension arm
Front hub

Front shock

Antisway bar

Anti sway bar drop downs

Rear subframe
Rear top arm

Rear trailing arm

Rear toe control arm

Rear Hub

Rear Shock

Rear anti sway bar

Parts required to be able to produce an Aero Model.
White body (Chassis with out panels or doors)

Front bumper

Front guard (Fender)


Rear hatch

Rear bumper

Wheel and tyre


I'll start with some non-standard parts off my RS Race car
Adjustable front anti sway bar
Rear diffuser

120 litre fuel tank