There should be an animated 13B here

This is so cool but i can't take the credit, i borrowed it from"I-feeling" Japan.


Specifications: FD3S Japan.1992 Japanese Model variations & Full specs.

Specifications: FD3S USA.1993 US Version. Model variations & Full specs.

Specifications: FD3S AUS. SP1 Version.

Specifications: FD3S AUS. SP2 Version.

1997 FD. Pictures taken in Hiroshima.

Engine: 13B REW: (Exploded view).

Gear Box:(Exploded View)

Suspension:(Front Detail) & (Rear Detail)
& (All Suspension)

Whole FD3S:(Exploded View)&(Cut away View).
Graph of Japanese FD PS (HP) , Torque (kg/m)
and g PS/h

Japanese FD parts list G^Sport all the parts you need

Silicon Vacuum Hose

White face gauges

Console/elbow pad pictures

The price trend of 1994 ~ 1995 FD3S's in Tokyo in the last 3 years. (Taken from prices in the car sensor)

MECHA GODZILLA COSMO. Translated by Yuri.

The best bike in the world BRITTEN

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