Prices in New Zealand Dollars. (1N.Z.$ = 0.42U.S.$)
1 December 2000.
Prices are indicative only and subject to change due to the dollar.
All prices + tax & frieght.
These are Japanese retail prices.
So you can get an idea of how much these items are sold for in Japan.



APEX Megaphone Dunk Muffler 70mm-85-130mm/Single(S)
Price $1109.00

APEX N1 Muffler 70mm-85-160/115mm/S
Price $1046.44

BLITZ Realize Type SR Muffler 76.3-114mm/S
Price $828.69

FUJITSUBO Legalis R Muffler 76.3-101.6mm/S
Price $1006.25

HKS Hyper Muffler 75mm-120mm/S
Price $790.00

HKS Super Dragger Muffler 95mm-130mm/S, DR tail
Price $1065.45

PROF V.R.S Muffler Rear Stainless Set (center & rear muffler), 76.3mm-115mm/S
Price $951.00

SARD Arouse MIG Muffler 76mm-115mm/S
Price $1014.00

St. May Shotgun Muffler 85-60.5-101*2mm/W
Price $1158.00

TRUST TR Competition Muffler 80-120*130mm/S, with front pipe
Price $2112.00

TRUST Power Extreme Muffler 80-95mm-130mm/S, Not suitable for 260 psc.
Price $1031.55

5 ZIGEN Border 304 Max Muffler 80-180/114mm/S
Price $1183.00

5 ZIGEN Border 80 Muffler 80-100mm/S
Cat parts will be removed when installed Price $1606.55

(Front Pipe)

HKS Front Pipe 75mm
Price $532.00

TRUST front Pipe 80mm
Price $513.00

(Cat Replacement Pipe)

JIC Cat Replacement Pipe
76.3mm steel Price $532.00 : 76.3mm stainless steel Price $627.00


(Air Cleaner)
For both early and later models

APEX Super Intake (twin)
Price $682.80

BLITZ Sus Power Air Cleaner
Price $693.40

HKS Super Power Flow 150mm-60mm*2
Price $640.55

MAZDA SPEED Air Filter Standard exchange type
Price $209.00

RE AMEMIYA Response Cleaner
Price $642.85

(Intake & Turbo Pipe)
HKS Piping Kit Two divisions: Intercooler In/Out. for normal intercooler use.
Price $570.00

5 ZIGEN Intake Pipe Two divisions: turbine-intercooler, intercooler surge tank
Price $595.00


(Coil springs)
Values indicated are F & R set price for all suspension parts

kg/mm DR21 Springs F:7.4kg/5.6kg R:5.8kg/4.4kg
Price $481.00

MAZDA SPEED Sports Springs F:6.9kg/ R:5.1kg/approx.-25mm Eibach model
Price $744.00

RSR Down Springs
Price $439.00

TANABE Super H Springs F:5.4kg/-13mm R:4.7kg/-20mm
Price $363.40

TRUST Sports Spring F:4.8kg/-25mm R:3.6kg/-25mm
Price $532.00

(Shock Absorber)
GAB Super HP (adjustable type F:4/R:8) F:GSAJ9130R,L R:GSAJ9630
Price $1153.00

GAB Super R (adjustable type F:4/R:8) F:GSRA9130R,L R:GSRA9630
Price $1183.00

MAZDA SPEED Street Shock Absorber (non-adjustable)
Price $2435.00

MAZDA SPEED Gymkhana Shock Absorber (non-adjustable)
Price $1813.00

TANABE SUSTEC Damper For 265 ps, non-adjustable short stroke type
Price $1394.00

CUSCO COMPLETE-1 (Height Adjustable Kit)
Rate F:8.0kg R:6.0kg F:with Pillow ball upper mount R:with pillow ball Upper mount
Price $3386.65

HKS Hyper Damper Full Kit
10 adjustable steps Rate F:7.0kg R:6.0kg Price $3957.00

JIC Height Adjustment Kit type SF-2
F:16kg R:12kg With Pillow upper mount (F & R non-adjustable)
Price $2819.00

JIC Height Adjustment Kit type SA-2
F:16kg R:12kg With Pillow upper mount (F & R non-adjustable)
set Price $3360.00

MAZDA SPEED Height Adjustment Kit (Eibach model)
F:5.0-7.3kg R:4.05-5.1kg Double rate springs; with pillow upper mounts (standard shape)
Price $3347.00

TEIN HA type F:10kg R:8kg (adjustable type)
With pillow upper mount Price $3060.00 Without pillow upper mount Price $2300.00

TEIN HA type F:10kg R:8 kg (non-adjustable type
With pillow upper mount Price $2722.00 Without pillow upper mount Price $1960.00

Values indicated are F&R set price for all brake pads
(Brake Pad)
AP Lockheed  SX (asbestons)  F:Z120 R:Z054 $633.65
AP Lockheed  ZX (metal)  F:Z120 R:Z054 $845.00
ENDLESS  CC-S  F:EP282 R:EP118 $714.00
ENDLESS NA-S   F:EP282 R:EP118 $587.00
MAZDA SPEED DS-11  F:9F3280B R:9F3480B $709.55
Project Mu HC  F:F443 R:R422 $648.00
Weds Sport REVSPEC F:M012 R:M512 $591.00
Winmax quest alpha.beta.gamma F:Q268 R:Q118 $565.80
Winmax  Aset F:268 R:118 $633.65
TRUST AF  F:505 R:502 $495.00


GREX Alcon Brake System Kit : rotor diameter. 332mm
Price $8789.00

CUSCO Strut Tower Bar
Oval Shaft F&R Price $285.20 each
All Aluminium F&R Price $350.00 each
Aluminium Shaft F&R Price $112.70 each

JIC Lower Arm Bar
Price $372.00

MAZDA SPEED Strut Tower Bar
All Aluminium Price Front $532.00 : Rear $265.00

MAZDA SPEED Stabilizer
Standard type Front:28.6mm*2 Price $532.00 Rear:17.5mm*2 Price $379.00
For Gymkhana use Front only: 24mm*2 Price $722.00

MAZDASPEED ROLLBAR Steel, unable to install sunroof car
4 POINT:38mm Price $799.00 6 POINT:38mm Price $2282.00



CUSCO Rocket Clutch Set pressure power 950 kg
Price $1521.00

CUSCO Twin Plate Clutch Assy
Price $3138.00

GAB Competition Clutch Cover & Disc
Price $1319.00

MAZDA SPEED Metal Clutch Cover & Disc
Price $1483.00

MAZDA SPEED Twin Clutch Set (pull type) pressure power 700 kg or 900 kg
Price $3195.00 each

PROJECT Mu Metal Clutch Cover & Disc pressure power 1,000 kg
Price $1521.00

MAZDA SPEED Fly-wheel Weight 7.3 kg (weight includes the counter-weight)
Price $1141.00

(Limited Slip Differential)
For those with viscous LSD require an out-put shaft (for standard differential part) in order to to use this system.
PRICE $1483.00

(Short Stroke Shift)
C's Short Stroke Shift
Price $557.75 type Revolver shift knob Price $210.00

MAZDA SPEED Sports Shifter
Price $608.00


(Blow-Off Valve)

BLITZ Super Sound Blow Off Valve (early and late)
Price $485.00

HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve Cannot be installed to cars with a cruise controller
Price $517.50

SARD Racing Blow Off Valve
Price $627.90

(Turbine Kit)

HKS Fuel Turbine Kit
Manifold, waste gate type. Turbine To4E. Boost pressure 0.3-0.7kg/cm2 Price $5533.80
Pulley Kit (individual) Price $779.00

HKS Special Fuel Turbine Kit
Air pump installable. Waste gate type. Turbine T45S. Boost pressure 0.5-0.9kg/cm2 Price $7869.00

TRUST Turbine Kit
Waste gate type R: exhaust manifold (stainless steel). Turbine TD-06SH with front pipe
Price $7457.00

(Computer Box)

HKS F-CON V With harness
early model Price $2282.00 late model Price $2472.00

HKS PFC F-CON With harness For early model only
Price $2689.00

HKS FCD For early model only
Price $235.00

HKS Super Fire Spark Plug (F-RE series) F40RE, F45RE, F50RE,F55RE
Price $54.95 each

MAZDA SPEED Hi Volt Silicone Leads
Price $379.50

RE AMEMIYA Super Plug Cord
Price $562.00

TRUST Boost Cut Controller
remarks: Removes standard boost cut limiter. Price is $253.00

TRUST Speed Cut Controller For early model only
remarks: Removes standard speed cut limiter. Price is $253.00

(Intercooler Kit)

ARC Intercooler Kit Type X Standard type
Price $1697.00

HKS Special Intercoller Kit
For late mode:1301-RZ014 Price $4010.00
Price $4562.00

TRUST Greddy Intercoller Kit Type 22 (standard type)
Price $2244.80


MAZDA SPEED Sports Driving Meter
Meter kit (speed, rotation, oil pressure, water temperature, & fuel meters)
Not suitable for M/T, and those with auto-cruise controller Price $1826.00
Carbon Dash Panel price $989.35

RE AMEMIYA Over Scale Speed Meter 300km/h
Price $1124.65

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