Original 1992 Mazda RX-7 Specifications (Japanese domestic Version)
Latter Models and Variations
Body Type Two Door Coupe
Car designation Mazda E-FD3S
Engine Type 13B-REW Intercooled Sequential twin turbo

Model Types Type "X" Type "X" Type "R" Type "S" Type "S"
Gearbox Manual 5 speed EC-AT/S 4 speed Manual 5 speed Manual 5 speed EC-AT/S 4 speed
Overall Length mm 4295

Overall Width mm 1780

Height mm 1230

Inside width mm 1415

Inside Length mm 1425

Inside Height mm 1020 1020 1025 1020 1020
Wheel base mm 2425

Track front mm 1460

Track Rear mm 1460

Ground clearance mm 135

Weight kg 1290 1320 1260 1250 1280
Seating  4

smallest turning radius m 5.1

Fuel consumption (10 mode) km/l 7.3 7.0 7.3 7.7 7.0
Fuel consumption (60 km/h) km/l 14.8 14.4 14.6 14.8 14.4

Maximum Speed, mph (km/h) 158 (252)
Acceleration, 0-60 mph, sec. 4.9
Standing 1/4 mile 13.5
Fuel Consumption, miles/gallon (EPA) MT AT
City 17 18
Highway 25 24
Combined 23.5 23.4
Type Mazda Wankel Rotary, Longitudinal, Front "Midships" (13B-REW)
Number or rotors 2 in line
Generating radius, R, in. (mm) 4.1 (105)
Eccentricity, e, in. (mm) 0.59 (15)
K factor (R/e) 7.0
Width of trochoid chamber, b, in. (cc) 3.1 (80)
Single chamber capacity, cu in. (cc) 40.0 (654.0)
Total cubic capacity, cu in. (cc) 80.0 (1308.0)
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Maximum power, SAE net, bhp 255
@rpm 6500
Maximum torque, SAE net, lb-ft 217
@rpm 5000
Intake port position 2 per chamber, in side housings
Intake port timing
primary port opens, deg ATDC 45
closes, deg ABDC 50
secondary port opens, deg ATDC 32
closes, deg ABDC 50
Exhaust port position 1 per chamber, in trochoid housing (periphrey port)
opens, deg BBDC 75
closes, deg STDC 48
induction system 4-port, dynamic effect induction
Fuel system Digitally controled EGI-HS fuel injection with twin injectors per chamber.
Bosch L-Jetronic based Speed density system.
Turbocharging Sequential twin-turbochargers, with electronic boost control
  (Twin Hitachi HT12 turbos w/51mm turbine & 57mm compressor)
Turbine diameter, in. (mm) 2.0 (51)
A/R, low-speed passage 0.6 (Pry)
A/R, low- and high-speed passages 0.6 (Sec)
Compressor daimeter, in. (mm) 2.2 (57)
Maximum boost, in. (mm) Hg 22.4 (570)
Intercooler air to air, in the nose of the car
Ignition system Electronically controled with triple coils, two spark plugs per rotor chamber, pieeezoelectric knock-sensor
Lubrication system Force-feed. Direct oil injection to trochoid chambers for lubrication and sealing. Oilcooler (twin for "R" model).
Lubricant capacity, US gal. (litres) single 1.3 (4.9) twin 1.4 (5.4)
Cooling system Rotor housings water cooled; twin electric fans (with an auxiliary electric suction fan with airconditioning instalation); aluminium radiator. Rotors oil-cooled.
Coolant capacity, US gal. (litres) 2.3 (8.8)
Drive Train
Manual Transmition
Transmission type Type R152, 5-speed manual
Clutch type Single dry plate, diaphragm spring, hydraulically operated with pull-type mechanism
Clutch diameter, outer x inner, in. (mm) 9.3 x 6.3 (236 x 160)
Gearbox type All synchromesh, with double-cone synchronizers on 2nd and 3rd gears (R type) 
Gear ratios
1st 3.483:1
2nd 2.015:1
3rd 1.391:1
4th 1.000:1
5th 0.719:1
rev 3.288:1
Final drive type Hypoid
Ratio 4.100:1
Limited-slip differemtial Torsen-type standard
Automatic Transmission
Transmission  R4A-EL electronically-controled,4-speed automatic
Type Torque converter and planetary-gear automatic
Torque converter Type-GDD with lockup clutch operatinr in 3rd and 4th
stall rpm 3,000
stall ratio 2.1:1
Gear ratios
1st 3.027:1
2nd 1.619:1
3rd 1.000:1
4th 0.694:1
rev 2.272:1
Final drive ratio 3.909:1
Propeller shaft Tube in tube construction
Final drive shafts Equal length haif shafts with constant-velocity joints
Power plant frame Power train and final drive unit are unitized by Power Plant Frame (PPF)
Chassis and Body
Layout Front engine Rear wheel drive
Suspension, front Independent, double-wishbones by unequal length upper and lower arms, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar
Suspention, rear Independent, double-wishbones by upper A-arms, lower transverse I-arms, transverse toe-control links, trailing links, coil springs, telescopic dampers. anti-roll bar
Steering type Rack and pinion, engine rpm-sensing, variable hydraulic assistance
Ratio 16.6:1
Turns lock to lock 2.9
Front Ventilated discs with 4-piston, floating calipers
Disc diameter/thickness,in.(mm) 11.6 (294)/.5 (11.6)
Pad area, sg in.(cm2) 14 (90)
Rear Ventilated discs with single-piston
Disc diameter/thickness,in.(mm) 11.6 (294)/.5 (11.6)
Pad area, sg in.(cm2) 10 (64)
Vacuum servo 8" + 8" Mastervac vacuum servo
ABS 4-sensor, 3-channel anti-lock brake system standard
Wheels Squeeze-cast aluminium wheels, 16 x 8JJ
Tires 225/50VR16 (Base)  225/50ZR16 (R1)  225/50VR16 (Touring)
Body "Space-Monocoque" steel, welded body with aluminium hood