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Title:Rotary Engine,1971 2nd Edition

Title: Rotary Engine,1981 3rd Edition
Author: Kenichi Yamamoto

Author: Jan P. Norbye
Jan 1971 518 pages
ISBN-10: 0801955912
ISBN-13: 978080195591

2nd Edition
Jan 1972 519 pages
ISBN-10: 0561001375
ISBN-13: 9780561001371

Author: JohnB. Hege
Nov 2006 174 pages
ISBN-10: 0786429054
ISBN-13: 9780786429059

  1. (a) General info
  2. (A) Scheduled Maintenance
  3. (C) Engine
  4. (D) Lubrication System
  5. (E) CoolingSystem
  6. (F) Fuel and emmissions control
  7. (G) Engine electrical systems
  8. (H) Clutch
  9. (J) Manual Transmission
  10. (K) Automatic transmission
  11. (L) Propeller shaft
  12. (M) Front and rear axles
  13. (N) Steering systems
  14. (P) Braking systems
  15. (Q) Wheels and Tyres
  16. (R) Suspension
  17. (S) Body
  18. (ST) Special tools
  19. (TD) Technical data


Technical and Parts