~RX7~ FD3S.

ADAC Nurburgring 24 Hr.

RS FD3S to be in the 2010 ADAC Nurburgring 24 Hr.

ADAC Zurich 24h-Race
The car is a 1996 RS FD3S RX7.
The car was purchased in Japan, built in New Zealand with cage and engineering by Race FX. race-fx-07. Other mods were done by Glen at FC-Datalogit.
Hollinger sequential 6 speed.
Winters quickchange
Carbon doors, hatch and wing
FRP bonnet, guards, front and rear bumpers, over fenders and side skirts.
Full undertray
Plastic side and front window. (Taylor Made Systems NZ)
Chromoly cage (Race FX)
Chromoly power frame (Race FX)

The car is on it's way to Ric Shaw Racing in Sydney where the engine will be fitted (20B PP) and the car prepared for 24 hr endurance racing.
The Team will be run by Ric Shaw racing.
Ric has run a stock FD at the ADAC 24hr twice before (2007~8) (51st) (68th)

The FD will be running in class SP 5  up to 3000 cc non Turbo.

The competition is tough and there are 220 entrants !

<>AND 300,000 spectators!

We don't have a major sponsor so I'm supplying the car and Ric Shaw is suppling the 20B PP.

<>The '96 RS Nurburgring Special before it was sent to Australia

Hollinger 6 speed sequential

Winters Quickchange

Diff and box force fed coolers

Chromoly cage

Type R Bathurst R, Click for Mazda press release

 Click here to read the true bathurst story!

Click  to see different body colours

Final RX-7 April 2002. "Spirit R"  
"Spirit R" (1,500 units), for the third generation RX-7 equipped with rotary engines on April 22. This will be the last RX-7. The "Spirit R" series is available in three types: A (two-seater with a five speed manual transmission and Recaro lightweight full bucket seats), B (four-seater with a five speed manual transmission) and C (four-seater with a four speed automatic transmission). Sticker prices are 3,998,000 yen for Type-A and B and 3,398,000 yen for Type-C. The last special edition model for the RX-7 was Type R Bathurst launched in December 2001.

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