RX7 FC3S, SA22C and Rotary links


HayaPooh's FC3S site. Series 4 & 5. Japanese only.

Japanese Gymkhana reverse gear cut out contraption!

Japanese street drags. H S Joker

787 picture page

The Grand am www.grand-am.com site which features Jim Downing www.downingatlanta.com in a 4 rotor open top sports car in sportsracer class (SR) www.grand-am/teams/team_spotlight_downin.html as well as at least one other 3 rotor powered car in www.grand-am/teams/team_spotlight_spencer.html sportsracer II (SRII) class. But now they're looking at banning it. See message board "SR II plans for next year" and read the replies.
There was also a drive available (to anyone with enough $$$$) in a rotary powered miata (GTII ?)advertised somewhere on the site.
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