1999 FD3S SP2.
An SP2 prototype was built in Sydney in 1998.
The SP2 was based on the Series 7 (1996) FD3S, and was to be released in 1999.
Mazda Australia decided not to continue with sales of the Series 7, so, unfortunatly, the SP2 never went into production.
The prototype was changed back into stock form.

These are photos of the first SP2 fibreglass parts made off the SP2 moulds for trial fitting.
The final parts were carbon fibre.

The bonnet (hood) has a much better finish than the SP1 version.
I am told by the Guy that fitted all the SP1s that the SP2 is much easier to fit.
The rear grills are built in (the SP1 rear grills were stuck on).
If you buy an SP2 bonnet, the front holes don't come with mesh. You have to add it yourself.
The hood is a full inner and outter.
Much better ribs than the SP1.
The front is also carbon fibre and is now one piece, were as the SP1 was in 3 pieces.

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