FD3S at Nurburgring 24 hr 

 May 2008. Ric Shaw racing

Nürburgring Nordschleife –"<>The Green Hell"

The Nordschleife - 33 left turns and 40 right turns meander through the "Eifel" - is unique.
The complete race track is 25.359 km long and full of every driving challenge you can imagine:
Some of them are well known all over the world, like "Karussell", "Brünnchen" or the endless straight "Döttinger Höhe" with the tricky left turn at the end.
Some Grand Prix drivers founded their reputation and fame by winning on the Nordschleife - like Jackie Stewart (1968) or Jacky Ickx (1969).

Loclan, Kevin, John, FD-Kai's Glen and Truby, Driver Ric Shaw, Gary, Driver Phil Alexander, AB
Missing from the picture is Driver Stephen Borness

We started off very well with out incident.
And ran well all night only to break a gear box with 3 hours to go! The team replaced it and we finished, again. Yahoo!

68th place out of 218 cars.  68 cars didn't finish!
We beat 150 cars including:
15 Porsches and 50 BMWs

Paragon's Porsche was doing very well reaching 5th at one stage,
There was a terrible incident when an airjack exploded inside the car.
The explosion hurt a crew members hand and sent shrapnel through
the seat into the driver's back.

You can see where the airjack was! and some damage to the carbon seat

The team carried on and had to withdraw with a broken power steering rack

Paragon Porsche 997 RSR DNF

The Lamborghini Gallardo 106th place

The Lexus LF-A (New supra?) 121st place

Audi R8 DNS

Had an engine oil leak that they couldn't fix
The Dodge Viper GTSR DNF
The Ford Mustang GT RTD DNF

3755 KM!

This year brought another great array of car to Nurburgring. From DTM, BTTC, various classes of sports and GT, purpose built endurance cars and even some street cars.

And the winner was.... !


Porsches from Manthey Porsche. Winners again (a hat trick)

1st #1 911 GT3-RSR
2 nd #23 911 GT3-MR

One of the highlights of the event is the prerace tour of the ring.
There were over 200,000 spectators to meet!

The live strip girls stoped the tour on more than one occasion





June 2007. Ric Shaw racing

  FD3S at Nurburgring 24 hr 2007. Ric Shaw racing
  John, Gary, FD-Kai's Glen and Truby, Loclan, AB, Drivers: Phil Alexander, Ric Shaw and Stephen Borness 
56th place out of 215 cars