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FD-Kai go to Tokyo. Click here to see "the footage"

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FD3S at Nurburgring 24 hr May 2008. Ric Shaw racing
 FD-Kai's Glen and Truby, part of the team.
Broke a gear box with 3 hours to go! The team replaced it and we finished, again.
69th place out of 215 cars 

  FD3S at Nurburgring 24 hr 2007. Ric Shaw racing
 FD-Kai's Glen and Truby, part of the team.
56th place out of 215 cars

Mike Purtell and Ric Shaw. Targa Tasmania 07

Rotor Dave  Rotor Dave

Rotor Dave
For sale!

Steven Rrrrr  FC-Datalogit Drag FD

Elton Bladetec Pro7+

Hey Buddy!
White lightening with a fading flame

Anton & Anne Tallot

FD RX7 is the fastest Street Car in New Zealand.

2002: Peter Brock; " I didn't think it would be this hard"!

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